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We have a complete tax update service for CPAs, attorneys, CLUs, CFPs, ChFCs, trust officers and other professional friends. The GiftLaw services are made available to all advisors as a free service. We are available to assist in helping you provide clients with clear and understandable gift illustrations.

Stock Transfer Instructions

There are two ways transfers are done.

  1. The donor may call us and we give them in return the information below to give to their institution:

    Charles Schwab & Co.,
    DTC Clearing 0164
    Code 40
    Capital Caring's account number to receive the shares is 2204-1703

  2. The donor may send a letter to their institution with the above information that they want stock sold. The institution put the shares in Capital Caring's account 2204-1703.
  3. Charles Schwab sales the shares and process the check. The check is sent to capital Caring to no one's attention. Charles Schwab is not to be called or emailed.

Note: The check usually ends up in finance not knowing where it should go.


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